Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A bunch of blocks

It has taken forever for me to finally write this post! Just a bunch of busyness. Here are 5 simple Activity Blocks that are about $20.00 I will be posting them on my Etsy shop hopefully this week. But I wanted to give my followers a chance to buy them first. So here we go.

This 1st block is Pink in Paris for $20.00 Lots of fun tags and buttons and the Eiffel Tower. Inside the Tower is a bell for extra fun. 

Block #2 is Pink n Sweet in Paris $22.00 This block has a Organic wood teething ring, pretty sparkly buttons and crinkle tags.  

Block #3 is one of my favorites. $22.00 I love the colors and designs of this block. It comes with an Organic wood teething ring, large wood beads, crinkle tags, ribbons, and buttons. 

Block #4 is a wave of colors. $20.00. Comes with Lace, wooden beads, buttons, crinkle tags, and a taggie flower. 

And finally Block #5 is Swimming with Mermaids. $23.00. Comes with 4 Mermaid buttons, a Velcro on jingle starfish, a mermaid tale, beads and ribbons.   

Well there you have it. I love to hear your feedback. If you would like to purchase a block or have a special request please send me a message on Schaer Talents Facebook page. Thanks! 

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