Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A bunch of blocks

It has taken forever for me to finally write this post! Just a bunch of busyness. Here are 5 simple Activity Blocks that are about $20.00 I will be posting them on my Etsy shop hopefully this week. But I wanted to give my followers a chance to buy them first. So here we go.

This 1st block is Pink in Paris for $20.00 Lots of fun tags and buttons and the Eiffel Tower. Inside the Tower is a bell for extra fun. 

Block #2 is Pink n Sweet in Paris $22.00 This block has a Organic wood teething ring, pretty sparkly buttons and crinkle tags.  

Block #3 is one of my favorites. $22.00 I love the colors and designs of this block. It comes with an Organic wood teething ring, large wood beads, crinkle tags, ribbons, and buttons. 

Block #4 is a wave of colors. $20.00. Comes with Lace, wooden beads, buttons, crinkle tags, and a taggie flower. 

And finally Block #5 is Swimming with Mermaids. $23.00. Comes with 4 Mermaid buttons, a Velcro on jingle starfish, a mermaid tale, beads and ribbons.   

Well there you have it. I love to hear your feedback. If you would like to purchase a block or have a special request please send me a message on Schaer Talents Facebook page. Thanks! 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Animal Quiet Book

Here is my Animal Quiet Book. It consists of 5 pages. Now in the past I have always sewn the pages directly to the cover. This time I decided try rings and I have to say I really like it! I think this will be the way to go from now on.   

The first page has a pocket for all the loose parts. 
This is my Alligator page. Under the lily pads are turtle and fish beads. Unzip the Alligators mouth to find a little fish.  

Match the shape and color pages!

Here you match the shapes to the sea creature. I used magnets to help keep them in place. 

This one was my favorite to make. Snap the legs to the correct color, and count how many buttons are on each leg. On the left legs there are a odd number of buttons and on the right side there is an even number. Just to make it more fun. 

Last two pages are a puppy and chicken

The dog has spots that can be buttoned on and a collar that buckles together. 

Lift mama chickens wing to find the eggs. Eggs open and see two baby chicks.

The chicks have a little stuffing and a bell inside. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sports activity block

Making these blocks has been so fun and exciting for me! I love the new challenge. Here is a custom order for a Sports activity block. 

(Oh and on a side note, sorry I don't write a lot in my posts, I just feel it unnecessary and I just don't have the time. For instance my 6 year old at this very moment is asking me what each button does on my keyboard! HAHA! I can't be on my computer for 5 minutes before they are harassing me. The pictures explain themselves and frankly there is just not much to tell. However if you have a question I will be happy to answer it. Thanks!) 

Here is the Baseball section,

 This is an organic wooden ring with a baseball glove, ball and fabric tag.

 This baseball bat is made with soft minky fabric and has a bell inside.

Fun soccer page

I put a fabric mesh over the soccer field and a soccer bead in between. Gooooaaalllll!!!!!! 

This is a fun textured fabric ball. I call it a Taco ball because of the way it is folded and sewn together.

Here I made a button snake with a football, basketball and baseball. 

This picture makes the block look uneven but it's just the tags on the bottom that pitch it at a weird angle. 

I also put football and soccer balls on ribbon. I thought they added a nice touch. 

And on the bottom I added some tags. 

I hope you enjoyed!