Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sports activity block

Making these blocks has been so fun and exciting for me! I love the new challenge. Here is a custom order for a Sports activity block. 

(Oh and on a side note, sorry I don't write a lot in my posts, I just feel it unnecessary and I just don't have the time. For instance my 6 year old at this very moment is asking me what each button does on my keyboard! HAHA! I can't be on my computer for 5 minutes before they are harassing me. The pictures explain themselves and frankly there is just not much to tell. However if you have a question I will be happy to answer it. Thanks!) 

Here is the Baseball section,

 This is an organic wooden ring with a baseball glove, ball and fabric tag.

 This baseball bat is made with soft minky fabric and has a bell inside.

Fun soccer page

I put a fabric mesh over the soccer field and a soccer bead in between. Gooooaaalllll!!!!!! 

This is a fun textured fabric ball. I call it a Taco ball because of the way it is folded and sewn together.

Here I made a button snake with a football, basketball and baseball. 

This picture makes the block look uneven but it's just the tags on the bottom that pitch it at a weird angle. 

I also put football and soccer balls on ribbon. I thought they added a nice touch. 

And on the bottom I added some tags. 

I hope you enjoyed! 

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